3D rendering reduces carbon footprint compared to traditional photoshoots

See how Substance 3D Stager can reduce your carbon footprint by an average of 98% compared to physical photoshoots - as well as save you time and money.

Estimate your savings in carbon footprint, cost and time

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2. Select your environment * Our model assumes an average of 15 miles of transportation to the selected environment

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* Each selection assumes the end result includes:

  • 10 high quality images of each product variation
  • 5 on a white background and 5 in your selected environment

Here are your estimated savings by creating your images with Substance 3D Stager vs a physical photoshoot

  • 0% Carbon emissions saved

  • 0% Cost savings

  • 0% Time savings

Carbon emissions reduction: 17.69kg CO2e is equivalent to

  • 0miles driven by a passenger car

  • 0 smartphone charges

  • 0 trees sequestering carbon for 1 year

INDG – Every Product Playable

INDG develops technology that enables engaging digital product experiences. They combine the science of technology with the artistry of computer-generated content.

With virtual production there are no more limits to the amount of content or the speed at which it needs to be produced. And there’s another gain: with no jet fuel or gasoline required for photoshoots or transport, brands can actually reduce their carbon footprint too.

Bastiaan Geluk
Head of Digital Fashion at INDG

Dieline – Packing design for brands in today’s world

Dieline’s mission is to build a global community of practitioners and to advocate the packaging industry towards more sustainable solutions through creativity and innovation.

Never before have we been able to quantify the carbon emissions from something that nearly every designer and design agency does: product photoshoots. In addition to saving time and money, Adobe’s Substance 3D workflow empowers designers to create more sustainable and climate friendly business practices by switching from physical photoshoots to virtual product photography. I am a firm believer that design, and designers have the power to change the world. Substance 3D enables designers to concept, create, and produce incredible photo-realistic visuals with little to no carbon footprint.

Andrew Gibbs
Founder & CEO

TerraCycle & Loop – Designed for Reuse

Loop is a global reuse platform enabled by a multistakeholder coalition of manufacturers, retailers, and consumers that aims to Eliminating the Idea of Waste®.

As we look ahead, we must explore how to reduce our climate impact in all facets of our lives and jobs.  Virtual production is finally at a reality where it is indistinguishable from traditional live productions with a fraction of the environmental impact. There’s just no need for additional carbon emissions, nor spend resources on extensive travel, physical space, equipment utilization and so on.  Just imagine what you can create with Adobe’s Substance 3D that you couldn’t in a physical environment and breathe easier, as the world certainly will.

Tom Szaky
CEO TerraCycle

Bite – Meet your routine, reinvented

Bite makes your daily routine more sustainable with products that are plastic-free, cruelty-free and made with clean ingredients.

At the heart of Bite is a mission to do better every step of the way. Every day, we ask ourselves — how can we design our processes to be more efficient and more sustainable? How can we further our promise to reduce waste, every step of the way.  As a company driven by creative innovation, one obvious choice was to reduce the waste created from physical photo shoots by turning to 3D renderings. We regularly audit everything we do at Bite, and when you consider the emissions created by crew travel — the waste created by food packaging from craft services — the packaging for props, and the sets that may be built; for us, this made 3D renderings a time-saving, waste-saving no brainer.

Asher Hunt
Co-Founder Bite

Why choose 3D virtual photography?

Eliminate waste

And the creation of physical product samples, with entirely digital, high fidelity 3D mock-ups.

Unlimited creative iteration

Allows for a non-linear creative workflow from prep to post

Cost savings

On average, save an estimated 70-90% on overall costs.

Reduced ecological footprint

No need for additional carbon emissions related to travel, physical sets, props and equipment

Strengthened teamwork

Easily collaborate, share and work on concepts and designs in real time

Time savings

On average, save an estimated 20-50% on time.

Set up the perfect shot.

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