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for fashion design

Fashion design never looked so good.

The Substance 3D apps and content help designers see hyper-realistic visuals while keeping full creative control.

Flexible creativity

Give designers absolute creative control with endless creative iterations and true-to-life visualization in seconds.

Save time & costs

Increase speed of material creation and decrease production time and product review cycles. Decrease sample cost; reduce development with virtual sampling.

Improve sustainability

Reduce your creative footprint by cutting down on physical samples, prototyping, and manufacturing mistakes.

Better teamwork

Share with any department for collaboration. Present collections to buyers in record time; increase e-commerce conversion rate through realistic imagery and interactive web experiences.

Fully integrated into your workflow

Substance materials are cross-platform by definition — your assets and materials integrate seamlessly with your tools of choice.

Can I try the Adobe Substance 3D apps before I buy?

Yes. You can get a 30-day free trial to any Substance 3D app.

What type of hardware, operating systems, and GPU do I need?

More powerful hardware and graphics processors improve the experience with the Substance 3D apps. 

Is there a cost to use 3D assets with the Adobe Substance 3D apps?

Your Adobe Substance 3D plan includes 3D assets, available to download every month. All assets are royalty free and usable across all your commercial and creative projects. Substance 3D Assets are not included in the Higher Education Creative Cloud All Apps EDU plan.

Are Adobe Substance 3D apps included in the Creative Cloud All Apps plans?

No. Substance 3D apps are sold exclusively in the Adobe Substance 3D plans. The four Adobe Substance 3D apps are included at no additional cost in the Creative Cloud All Apps plans for Higher Education colleges and universities.

3D Assets

A ready-to-wear 3D material library.

Access thousands of customizable models, lights, and materials created by specialists and world-class guest artists.

Modifiable parameters allow infinite variations.

The fashion artist’s essentials

Designed for your workflow

Substance 3D integrates in your existing workflow: textures and fabrics created with Substance work in every app you use.

Substance materials are natively supported in CLO, Marvelous Designer, VStitcher by Browzwear, Modaris 3D by Lectra, Vidya by Assyst, Blender, Cinema4D by Maxon, 3ds Max and Maya by Autodesk, and more.

Connect with Illustrator and Photoshop

Use Substance materials in Illustrator and Photoshop; import SVG files into Sampler; edit your files in Illustrator and Sampler will instantly update your pattern materials based on the new SVG; or edit your Sampler materials and your Stager render in Photoshop for post-production.

Substance is uniquely connected with Creative Cloud: Browse Substance 3D Assets directly in CC Desktop; manage Substance 3D materials in Adobe Bridge and send them to Stager or Designer.

From real to 3D

Create digital twins from pictures or scans without losing any information.

Digitize your materials with Substance 3D: set the size of your material, keep its physical size ratio, work with nonsquare scans and samples, add custom metadata.

Simple to use

Start with pictures or any existing resources from the Substance 3D asset library in Substance 3D Sampler. Create amazing embroidered patch or real cloth woven materials with our filters and tools.

Your material creation is smoother with direct links to Photoshop and Illustrator.

Next level of realism

Apply materials in Painter. Combine brushes, decals, and Smart Materials to produce a high level of detail and true-to-life visualization for an unprecedented level of realism.

Bring your clothes to life with washing effects, cuts, and shreddings… And always keep your creative control.

Powerful Tools and Generators

The Cloth Weave filter is one of the many tools that will help you create the perfect fabric, no matter how complex the stitches.

You can work with predefined patterns or create your own simply by painting the warps and wefts. Play with colors, create multilayer fabrics, explore new patterns: make fabulous weaves!

They use Substance

Visualization is one of the keys for success in accelerating decision making, strengthening the link with creative direction and reducing our time-to-market by validating the product in the marketing touch points. The Adobe Substance tools allow us to reinforce the user experience, offer us a lot of flexibility and a reduced adoption time for the designers by importing digital assets from other tools.

Guillaume Meyzenq
SVP Consumer Category Running, Salomon

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