The Great Shoecase

It's time for your 3D art to step up!


This contest is open to residents of the following countries and regions:
Australia – Austria – Belgium – Canada – Denmark – Finland – France – Germany – Hong Kong – Iceland – India – Indonesia – Ireland – Japan – Luxembourg – Netherlands – New Zealand – Norway – Spain – Sweden – Switzerland – Taiwan – Thailand – United Kingdom – USA

Join the movement! Customize and showcase your sneaker

We all have our favorite pair of kicks. Comfy, slick, or extreme. Today, thanks to you, this pop culture icon gets a revamp. Is this high-top an athleisure design? Or is it geared towards performance? It could also be luxury fashion, or even pure art. That’s your call, as long as the shoe remains wearable.

There are two ways to stand out… and win!

Create an awesome shoe

To customize your shoe, apply and paint materials in Substance 3D Painter.
You can definitely lift content from the 3D asset library, or even use custom stuff! Just have fun.

Set up an incredible stage for your shoe

To showcase your shoe, leverage the power of Substance 3D Stager.
You can also import content from Adobe Illustrator, as well as models and lights from the 3D asset library. Show us how unique your idea is! A big part of this contest is designing your Behance project page. Show us the sole of your work! The only mandatory element is one showcase render of your sneaker.

And what’s even better? You don’t have to be a subscriber!
Enjoy the 30-day trial for all Substance 3D apps.

The prizes

There will be 12 winners!

In the general category, prizes will be attributed to the three best shoe customizations and the three best showcases. The student prizes will be similarly distributed: three for best sneakers and three for best showcases.

HP ZBook Studio G7 Mobile Workstation
Mimaki Color 3D Print of your shoe – Large
Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Annual
Adobe Substance 3D Collection Annual
Adobe Substance 3D goodies package

NVIDIA shield TV
Mimaki Color 3D Print of your shoe – Medium
Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Annual
Adobe Substance 3D Collection Annual
Adobe Substance 3D goodies package

Mimaki Color 3D Print of your shoe – Small
Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Annual
Adobe Substance 3D Collection Annual
Adobe Substance 3D goodies package

Plus, the top position for showcase in the General category will win the Dai Dai Tran Trophy Art piece!

Everything you need to create the best sneaker

The Apps

Two apps are mandatory for this contest:
Substance 3D Painter and Substance 3D Stager.

To send your sneaker from Painter to Stager, you just need to click on “send to Stager”.

The Model

You can directly download the Substance 3D Painter scene with the sneaker already inside. It’s ready to texture!

The Stager Presets

You must also use the provided Stager scene for the 3 mandatory renders.
This will allow us to see every detail of your beautiful tweaked sneaker!

The Resources

Don’t hesitate to leverage the full Substance 3D ecosystem, with thousands of models, materials, and lights from the 3D asset library.

Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

A cool Illustrator to Stager workflow will help you integrate your designs directly on the sneaker. And using the grandmaster of post-processing apps, Photoshop, is of course encouraged. Make your renders shine with that final touch. You can use both Illustrator and Photoshop with a 7-day free trial.
You can, of course, use other apps and custom content, as long as Painter and Stager are at the center of your creation.


Customize and stage the Substance 3D sneaker

This contest is all about the sneaker. Using the provided model, you will customize the shoe in Substance 3D Painter and make it yours. Then, you will showcase your sneaker with Substance 3D Stager.

Submissions must include all of the following:

  • 3 Substance 3D Stager renders of the sneaker – using the 3 preset views (face, side, angled). Show us the shoe! This will help us see how you’ve customized the model and made it yours. The renders must be alpha PNG files in Full HD (1920×1080)
  • 1 Substance 3D Stager showcase render, which shows the shoe however you like! Blow our minds with your storytelling, creativity, uniqueness. This artwork should be under 4k.
  • 1 Behance project: design a page for your shoe on Behance. You must include your showcase render at least (post-processing is allowed); other than that do whatever you like! Don’t forget that you can integrate different formats in your Behance page, including a Sketchfab model! It’s a great way to share a full 3D view of your shoe.

Once everything is ready, there’s just one little thing left: submit all your beautiful mandatory renders and the link to your Behance project on our submissions page.

Do you have more questions?

The Jury

Meet the experts who will judge the entries


Get inspired from MeetMAT 2

Check out some insane creations from our last contest


Share your WIPs, get feedback, connect with other artists!

Don’t forget to use #thegreatshoecase when you share your art!

We’re setting up a channel just for the contest!
Join other contestants and the Substance 3D team on Discord.