Substance in
Thea Render

Thea Substance Converter allows you to create a Thea material from a Substance file (.sbsar). You can use the parameters exported with the Substance file to change the look of the textures and also see the preview of the created Thea material before you save the final result. You can use any Substance file, but with a Substance material based on the Metallic/Roughness PBR template you ensure that the created Thea material will also be a physically-based one.

Preview Substance Textures

The Textures Viewer presents the textures generated from the Substance Engine. There is a different tab for each texture which has the name of the texture identifier (defined in Substance).

Substance Parameters

You can tweak these values which causes an immediate regeneration of the affected textures. This way you can see how the final result is altered. The available options are closely related to the material structure, so they usually vary from file to file.

Unique Features

By taking advantage of the Substance Engine, changes to the Substance files can be made inside the converter. The results can be applied automatically to a Thea material which the user can preview under different settings. Physically-based materials designed with the Metallic/Roughness template are automatically converted to their equivalent in the Thea material system. Additionally, the user can create his/her own combinations although the result is not guaranteed to be physically accurate. Batch conversion of Metallic/Roughness Substance files to Thea materials or to a Thea material pack is also supported.