Adobe Substance 3D
for Maya

The Substance 3D plugin lets you easily create realistic materials by loading, applying, and tweaking parametric Substance materials directly in Maya.

Whether you are working on animation or visual effects, Substance 3D plugin in Maya delivers a unique experience with optimized features for enhanced productivity.

We can’t wait to see the creative experiences you will create using Adobe Substance 3D materials.

Substance 3D plugin for Maya 2024

Work faster, be more productive

Substance parameters allow for real-time texture updates directly in the Maya viewport.


Access over 10000 high-quality tweakable and export-ready 4K materials with presets on the Substance 3D Asset library.

You can explore community-contributed assets in the community assets library. The Substance Assets platform is a vast library containing high-quality PBR-ready Substance materials and is accessible directly in Maya through the Substance plugin. These customizable Substance files can easily be adapted to a wide range of projects.

Physical Size Support

Whether you’re working in the design and visualization of fashion, sportswear, interiors, or costume design for film and games. The physical size feature in Maya allows you to use digital materials at the same size as their physical counterparts and tile or repeat them over your models at the correct size.

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