Substance in
Maverick Render

Maverick is a standalone application focused on product visualization that allows designers, engineers, and marketing specialists to bring their projects to life with truly unprecedented speed, quality, and ease of use. Maverick Render is fully GPU-based, unbiased and physically-correct.

Maverick has two main flavors:

  1. Maverick Studio, for CAD users and product designers.
  2. Maverick Indie, for CG artists and render generalists.

With the integration of Substance in Maverick, you can now easily import and use high quality Substance materials. The support of Substance allows you to increase the level of photorealistic visualization of materials.

Check-out the Maverick’s native support for Substance SBSAR files

Thanks to the Substance integration, easily drag and drop any Substance material (.sbsar) on an object in Maverick Indie or Maverick Studio. Adjust the resolution of the textures (up to 4K), select a preset and tweak the parameters: when a value is edited, you will see the variations in real-time in Maverick viewer.

Check-out a practical example using Substance in Maverick:

Additionally, Maverick has added “one-click” workflows to easily import models from Substance Painter, making it easy for artists to illuminate and render their models and materials in photorealistic quality.

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