Substance is natively integrated in Marvelous Designer 10

New from Marvelous Designer 10 – users can import Substance materials directly into Marvelous Designer through a Fabric’s Property Editor, or by dragging-and-dropping a Substance material from its folder location onto a desired pattern in the 2D Window. 

Import any Substance 3D material – whether created in Substance 3D Designer from scratch, downloaded from the Substance 3D Assets (you can open Substance 3D Assets website directly from Marvelous Designer), or exported from Substance 3D Sampler if you created a dedicated collection of materials.
Additionally, Marvelous 10 release comes with 10 free Substance materials, available by default in the application!

Tweak the Substance 3D parameters: each SBSAR file comes with a unique set of parameters build with the material. Once a material is in place users can select a preset (variations of a material embedded into a single SBSAR file), select the output resolution, edit its parameters, control its tiling, and change its transformation values directly in Marvelous Designer.  It is also now possible to bake a Substance material’s individual channels in the UV Editor.

The results of these variations are displayed in real-time in the viewport. The Quality Render button in the 3D window gives you a more realistic view of the texture.

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Paint in 3D: Marvelous Designer to Substance Painter workflow

Want to go further with additional realistic details to your clothes? Export your model from Marvelous Designer to Substance 3D Painter to add painting details, smart masks, smart materials and reproduce specific textile techniques and effects on your final design. You can render test in Painter integrated pathtracer or in any other rendering tool of our Ecosystem to create your final scene.