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CLO Virtual Fashion is a world leader in 3D garment simulation technology.

With more than 15 years of research and development in garment simulation, CLO design their technology to become not only the tool to create 3D virtual garments, but also the platform to provide valuable data. Besides CLO (3D design software for apparel designer brands), products also include Marvelous Designer (3D design software for character artists at gaming and animation companies), Benefit by CLO (virtual fitting platform) and CLO-SET (communications and collaboration platform for virtual garments).​

Substance is natively integrated in CLO 6.0.

The Substance integration allows users to easily import Substance SBSAR files and access Substance powerful’s capabilities directly in the CLO software, showing  textures and materials more realistically than ever before through physical based rendering technology. These material properties can be customized and edited by the designer directly in the property editor, taking true-to-life virtual simulation in 3D apparel design to the next level. 

Import any Substance material – whether created in Substance Designer from scratch or from scan, downloaded from the Substance Source library (you can open Substance Source directly from CLO property editor – check out our Fashion & Apparel high-end collection of materials and decals), or exported from Substance Alchemist if you created a dedicated collection of materials by combining and tweaking existing resources.

Once the materials are imported, designers can easily explore the endless variations of any of these Substance parametric materials in the CLO property editor: play with the presets of your Substance material (variations of one material embedded into a single .SBSAR file), select the output resolution (up to 4K) and tweak the Substance parameters (each texture file comes with a unique set of parameters build with the material).

The results of these variations are displayed in real-time in the viewport.

Additionally, the CLO 6.0. release comes with 10 free Substance materials, available by default in the application!

Integrating Substance into CLO optimizes the entire 3D design process by providing true-to-life textures and material visualization technologies which enable the creation of digital designs that are an exact 1:1 representation of the physical end-product. This helps designers and brands alike achieve a seamless digital workflow.

Paint in 3D: CLO to Substance Painter workflow

Want to go further and integrate realistic details to your clothes? Export your model from CLO to Substance Painter to add painting details, smart masks, smart materials and reproduce specific textile techniques and effects on your final design. You can render test in Substance Painter integrated pathtracer or export your model in any other rendering tool of our Ecosystem to create your final scene, including Adobe Dimension to aggregate more assets and compose your final scene.