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What’s New in Substance and 3D, the Livestream Recap

Wes McDermott chatted with Sébastien Deguy, Jérémie Noguer, and Valeria Gerontopoulos about recent releases and a preview of the future of 3D.

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The team just concluded a livestream about what’s new in Substance, and what’s coming up. There are cool demos and a great Q&A at the end, so give it a watch.

But if you don’t have the time, we’ve summed up the biggest news from the livestream in this article.

A new Substance Painter release

Artwork by Pablo Munoz Gomez

New functions: you can now hide geometry, and copy and paste effects. There’s also an improved UV Tiles workflow, new stitch tools, and more! Everything you need to know is in the release article, but you can also check out the live demo in the livestream, too.

The team also shared the Obsidian Watch video, a product design concept created in part with the new Substance Painter stitch tools.

And a new Substance Designer release

Artwork by Jean-François Bozec

Yes, you read that right, we just released a new version of Substance Designer too! This one includes Pantone spot colors, and a cool export tesselated mesh feature, as well as the highly anticipated option to hide one or several nodes.

A beautiful Substance Source video

Beyond the large amount of releases in 2020, the Source team announced the production of 1500+ scans from all over the world, as well as 650+ photorealistic leather materials.

And they premiered the latest Highlights video, ‘Parametric Monotype’, designed to showcase how an artist could use Substance Source materials to create packaging for cosmetics.

Great news for Integrations

After 2020’s release of CLO3D and Marvelous Designer integrations, the team is currently working on a Blender plugin! You can see the prototype demo here.

Bear in mind that this plugin is not ready to release at all. When will it be? To this, we have to answer… soon.

Research projects

The team also shared some previews of what we are all working on. These might make it into products or not, but we were too excited about them and really wanted to share a look into what we believe can be the future of 3D.



IBL Shadows

Differentiable Material Graphs for Procedural Material Capture

This cool research project compares your picture with tons of procedural materials to generate an all-new procedural material. On these images you can see on the left the pictures and on the right, the procedural materials the algorithm created.

Parametric Modeling

Last, but most certainly not least:

Not only can this be used in Substance Designer, but you could also apply it in other tools, as well. For instance, in Medium, here:

These research projects are prototypes! We are very excited about them, but we can’t tell you today if they will make it into your tools. However, we hope these developments make you as excited about the future of 3D as we are.

Thank you for being here with us! Thank you for your warmth, your challenging questions, and your jokes. We loved making this livestream, and we trust you to keep on making incredible art in 2021.

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