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Having attended GDC since 2006 in the old Allegorithmic days, we will remember 2022 as the year we finally came home to meet up with the 3D community. To mark the occasion, we organized a full program of sessions with 3D industry veterans from EA Dice, Eidos Montréal, and Double Fine Productions. And let’s not forget a deep dive session into Substance 3D Modeler and our traditional Keynote, full of product announcements and sneak previews!

Today we take a look back at this exceptional edition by sharing the Substance Days at GDC sessions for you to enjoy:

Substance Days 2022 at GDC: Keynote

Get some exciting news about product updates with the Adobe Substance 3D team. You will discover what’s new and coming up in the world of 3D at Adobe, including some exclusive sneak peeks of Substance 3D Modeler beta. Speakers:

  • Sébastien Deguy, Vice President 3D & Immersive, Adobe
  • Wes McDermott, Creative Producer, 3D & Immersive, Adobe
  • Gio Nakpil, Creative Director, 3D & Immersive, Adobe

Battlefield 2042: Procedural Badge Creation with Substance 3D Designer

With games getting bigger so does the need for scalable asset production pipelines, that allow for quick iteration without compromising on art quality. In this session, Clay and Priyabrata will show how the team set up a procedural workflow to create a large number of unique collection badges that could keep up with the ever-evolving arsenal of weapons, vehicles, and gadgets on the battlefield.

  • Clay Shanks, Senior UI Artist, EA DICE
  • Priyabrata Biswal, Senior Technical Artist, EA DICE

Fast and Easy Character Creation with Substance 3D Modeler Beta

Learn how intuitive and simple modeling in 3D can be with Substance 3D Modeler beta. Part of the Modeler beta tester group, Ryan Corniel will discuss his approach to character creation and demonstrate how to achieve a high-quality render quickly using the Substance 3D apps: Modeler beta, Painter, and Stager. Speaker:

  • Ryan Corniel, Senior Level Designer

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Unleashing Substance 3D Designer

Genci Buxheli, Lead Character Artist at Eidos Montréal, will showcase some of the unique characters from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and talk about how Substance 3D Designer was used to produce these characters quickly and with great iterative flexibility. Genci will dive into different techniques for sculpting and detailing with Designer, using some of the game characters as examples, as well as discussing how ZBrush and Maya feature in this pipeline. These techniques will revolve around Designer, ZBrush, and Maya. This process allowed for ever-changing character design without having to commit to the final shapes until later in production. Speaker:

  • Genci Buxheli, Lead Character Artist, Eidos-Montreal

Psychonauts 2: Bringing Classic Characters into the Modern Era

This session will cover the 3D character creation pipeline for Psychonauts 2, highlighting how characters from Psychonauts, a fifteen-year-old game, were brought into the modern era using new software and a completely different pipeline and engine. David and Zahra will discuss the challenges of being faithful to an established look while figuring out how far they could push characters into an age where anything is possible. Additionally, they will discuss how a core team of two-character artists created over 120 characters, many with multiple looks, for the sequel Psychonauts 2 with Substance 3D Painter. Speakers:

  • David Russell, Lead Character Artist, Double Fine Productions
  • Zahra Amirabadi, 3D Character Artist, Double Fine Productions

And it wouldn’t be a Substance Days without an after-party! Thanks to everyone who came to meet us during the sessions and on the showfloor booth, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

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