Watch the Substance 3D conferences at GDC 2021

Watch the full keynote, as well as the Hitman 3, Deathloop, and 'viking scene' conferences!

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It’s one of our greatest pleasures of the year – the time when we look at our favorite games and learn about how they were conceived. It’s a rendez-vous we never want to miss, and for this 2021 (online) edition, we were happy to participate!

As per our tradition, Seb Deguy kickstarted the festivities with a keynote, a great moment to look into the latest Substance 3D release – massive updates to Painter, Designer, and Sampler, as well as the arrival of the whole new Stager. The team also gave demos of each tool, showed how to get the most of each app, and how to use the interoperability!

And let’s not forget the announcement of the Substance 3D add-on for Blender!

Hitman: Building a Material Library to Texture the World of Assassination

The attention to detail and the amount of variation in the propping of environments in Hitman is like nothing else in the industry, and to achieve this the team needed a lot of props. Morten Olsen explains how IO Interactive utilized Adobe Substance 3D Designer and Painter in their texturing pipeline for the impressive amount of assets in the game. Take a closer look at the Hitman prop library, and how a range of base materials was created in Designer, and applied in Painter to keep texture quality consistent and production time low. Get some insights on how this combines with outsourcing and artistic freedom on a large production. 

Arkane Studios: Texturing pipeline for the characters of Deathloop 

Cristian-Marius Builarca and Jean-Baptiste Feder explain the reasoning behind the material creation and texturing organization of Arkane’s character art team. After a short introduction of the game Deathloop and its texturing brief, the session examines some material samples created in Adobe Substance 3D Designer, and analyze the organization of a Painter file folder by folder for one of the characters created for the game.

Jonathan Benainous: Creating a Viking Scene with Substance 3D Designer

Jonathan presents one of his latest personal projects, fully made with Adobe Substance 3D Designer. He gives a detailed breakdown and share intermediate and advanced techniques to make highly detailed materials in order to create hard-surface assets using only displacement and real-time rendering. 

And that’s it for this year! We’ll be delighted to see you next year at GDC.

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