The New Substance 3D Plugin for Unity is Here!

Rebuilt from the ground up. Ready for the latest version of Unity.

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Good news, everyone! The new and rebuilt Adobe Substance 3D Plugin for Unity is here! This latest version of the plugin has been wholly reworked from the ground up, in order to provide improved reliability and performance. This plugin allows you to work with your Substance 3D materials directly within Unity. And it’s available for download right now.  

With the Substance 3D for Unity plugin, you can load, apply and tweak Substance 3D parametric materials directly in the editor or at runtime. 

Substance 3D for Unity contains the powerful Substance 3D Engine. With this, you can customize physically based Substance 3D materials created in Substance 3D Designer or Sampler – all supporting Unity Standard/Standard (specular) shader and HDRP.  

Install the plugin as you would any other from the Unity Asset Store, load your SBSAR file and access Substance 3D material parameters using the Unity app’s inspector. 

For information on how the plugin allows you to use Substance 3D materials directly in Unity, take a look at our handy tutorial:

And for more information, please see the documentation for the Substance 3D for Unity plugin.

Note: Plugin version 3.0.0 supports Unity engine version 2020.3.27x and higher.

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