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New Sampler Release: Your Workflow Becomes Smoother

Import SVG files, edit in Illustrator, improved color picker, and more!

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When we released Substance 3D Sampler, we committed to creating the best and easiest tool for material creation.

Today, with major improvements like the ability to use SVG files directly in Sampler, or the capacity to work simultaneously in Illustrator and Sampler – your material workflow has just become a lot more powerful.

Drop your SVG files in Sampler

It’s difficult to be more straightforward! Starting today, you can simply drag and drop your SVG file inside Sampler and use them. Of course, you’ll be able to add them in your libraries with all your other assets.

Sampler will keep all the information of your SVG information (transparency, color, and more); each filter will use the information it needs. For instance, the Pattern layer will use the shapes and the transparency, while the Embroidery or the Weave filters will also use the color details.

Sampler plays well with other Adobe apps

Edit in Illustrator

A new “edit in” feature in Sampler brings huge flexibility for any material including a pattern: if you want to tweak your SVG file, you can simply edit the file straight in Illustrator. Sampler will instantly update your visual with the new SVG.

Edit in Photoshop

You’ll remember that this is pretty much what you can already do in Photoshop! The “Edit in Photoshop” feature was one of the new features in the previous release, and is still a game changer when you want to drawing precise masks or editing photographs. Then, you can feed your edited images to the Image to Material filters.

Keep your material consistent from Sampler to Stager

You’ve probably enjoyed playing around with the Adobe Standard Material properties. There’s so many to tweak! SSS, Translucency, and more – and now Sampler memorizes your material values so they’ll match whenever you open it in Stager.

The ASM properties will continue to be a great asset for the quality and consistency of your materials: check out the documentation for all the properties ASM allows you to leverage.

Pick all the colors!

It should make your life a lot more colorful: check out this improved color picker! 

This is a step forward in our commitment to focus on improved color management across all the tools of the Substance 3D suite. You can pick colors, obviously, and save swatches for later use. You can even grab colors from your reference images outside Sampler! Get all the details from the documentation.

Choose your Normal Format

Here’s another great workflow improvement: you can now decide if your Normal map is going to be in OpenGL or DirectX depending on your targeted renderer or engine.

Sampler is your weapon of choice to work on your material scan. You have access to dedicated filters to improve your material scan whether it is coming from Vizoo scanner, or your DIY scanner. Once you’ve worked on your Normal, you can use your scanned data directly in the software of your choice, like Clo 3D, for instance.

Check out the documentation for all the details.

Your crop tool, but better

And to make sure your scan workflow is seamless, we’ve also improved the crop too, to give you even more flexibility. Check this out:

There’s more in this new version of Substance 3D Sampler! For all the details, please go to the release notes.

This Substance 3D Sampler release’s artwork is by Guillaume Meyer.

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