Meet Mat 2017: Thanks to the Most Creative Community Out There!

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Hi there,

A quick word to let you know how positively surprised we all have been here at Allegorithmic with the success of the Meet MAT 3D Substance Painting contest: 1200+ entries! This is really unbelievable.

So first: Thank you! We are so glad to see how many of you have spent time painting the little guy. The quality of the entries is also absolutely mind-blowing, and it was such a pleasure to discover them all as the days passed.

All in all, this was a blast, and a (very positive) shock; this means we will have to change a few things:

– First, we will clearly need more time to properly pick our winners (and I, as a judge myself, will have such a hard time picking only a few!). We should reasonably be able to announce winners somewhere in the week of May 29th.

– Second, we will most definitely have more prizes for you, plus a few more surprises we are working on 😉

Again, thanks for the enthusiasm and creativity at play. This was amazing to watch.


Sébastien Deguy, PhD
CEO and founder – Allegorithmic

P-s: See hundreds of textured MATs here on Sketchfab.

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