Insanity Awards 2021: The Winners’ Podium

Our pick of the year's most prodigiously inventive Substance 3D Designer artwork.

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We are delighted to present the winner and runners-up of our Substance 3D Designer Insanity Awards, for 2021. These are the artists who have pushed the possibilities attainable with Designer far, far beyond our expectations. Their work is bonkers, in all the very best ways.

Cino Lai astonished us when he demonstrated how Designer’s parametric modeling function could be used to create a highly customizable stylized building. He also wrote up a detailed technical breakdown of how he accomplished this formidable task. Brilliant work.

Pauline is a technical artist on the Substance team, and an all-round Designer guru besides. This work, Thistle, started out as a simple effort to explore the possibilities with the Substance Model Graph included in the latest release of Designer, version 3.0. The result was beautiful and haunting.

Okay, this one is just nuts. Quinton QU created a playable homage to everybody’s favorite video game plumber, entirely within Substance 3D Designer. You read that right – you can control your favorite character within the .sbs file. In technical terms, this is a remarkable accomplishment; in terms of pure inventiveness, and level of creative vision, this is nothing short of genius. We’re delighted to name Quinton as the winner of the 2021 Substance 3D Designer Insanity Awards.

Particular thanks to all the artists on this year’s shortlist, and thanks to all Substance users out there – we’re honored that such imagination is being expressed through the Substance software. Let’s make 2022 a (creatively) insane year too!

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