RenderMan Art Challenge  

Mat Meets the Walking Teapot! 

Adobe Substance 3D is partnering with Pixar’s RenderMan for a cool art challenge. This time, both Mat and the Walking Teapot will be the mascots of this contest! As usual, anyone can participate, so unleash your creativity and your skills! 

Join the RenderMan panel on August 4 to learn more about The Iconoclasts Art Challenge. Also discover Pixar’s exciting news and updates about its rendering tool for VFX and Animation, as it will unveil some new features.  

Panel: RenderMan Art Challenge – Mat Meets the Walking Teapot!
Wednesday, August 4 at 10:00 AM PT

It’s finally happening … two industry icons come together for the first time in the latest RenderMan Art Challenge! Join our panel and find out how Adobe’s MAT and Pixar’s RenderMan will make this our biggest art challenge yet. 
In addition, Pixar will unveil a new Substance to RenderMan plugin, with support for outputting MaterialX Lama networks and ACES color management through the Preset Browser. 
The winners of this challenge will be chosen by a panel of judges from Pixar, ILM, and Adobe … along with prizes provided by our fantastic sponsors.

Guido Guaroni, Senior Director of Engineering, 3D & Immersive, Adobe 
Vincent Gault, Senior Technical Artist & Community Manager, 3D & Immersive, Adobe
Arvid Schneider, Lead Lighting TD 
Leif Pedersen, Digital Artist and RenderMan Specialist, Pixar Animation Studios 
Dylan Sisson, Digital Artist, Pixar Animation Studios