A Year of Substance: Fashion

A selection of some of the outstanding Substance in Fashion articles published in 2020!

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The end of the year is almost upon us! We have just enough time to look back at some of the standout 3D creations that we’ve been able to highlight over the past year. This time, we’re examining the use of Substance in Fashion – but don’t forget to take a look at the other articles in this series.

Okay, let’s get into fashion.

Traditional Weaves of the World with Pauline Boiteux

Pauline Boiteux is a textiles rock star. This past November she created a collection of 15 intricate, traditional fabrics for Substance Source. In this article she discusses the work involved in recreating the raffia fiber of the Kuba tribe of Congo, the cross-stitching of Ukrainian folk dresses, bridal gowns of Turkmenistan, and more.

Artwork by Pauline Boiteux

Pauline also presented a livestream detailing her work.

3D Denim is the Most Ethical, Sustainable Denim in the World

Artwork by Paras Gupta

Paras Gupta is a denim consultant and photographer, who is bringing his real-world denim expertise into the 3D environment. In this article, Paras discusses the unique obstacles presented by working in denim, and how he uses tools including Substance Alchemist and Substance Painter to surmount these challenges. He also reveals why his digital denim is the most environmentally conscious denim ever created.

Ready to Texture: 2020 Fashion and Apparel Parametric Collection

Artwork by Maximilien Vert

Back in July, the Substance Source team created a collection of over 100 assets to add to Source’s  Fashion and Apparel collection. This article outlines just some of the possibilities presented by this collection of textiles, prints, embroideries, seams, and more.

You can find more information in the Substance Source team’s livestream detailing its work on the collection.

Color and Material Inspiration: Procedural Fashion

Soon after the Substance Source team’s Fashion and Apparel Parametric Collection, the team’s own Anais Lamelliere worked with 3D artist Ronan Mahon to create a short inspiration film to showcase the phenomenal visualization results possible with this new collection of materials. As well as creating the film itself, the pair discussed the work involved in developing such a project from start to finish.

Artwork by Ronan Mahon

3D Visualization for Fashion

Image courtesy of INDG Fashion and Pink Shirtmaker.

INDG talk about their work creating photorealistic renders for clients such as British fashion brand Pink Shirtmaker. In this article they discuss the difficulties in crafting photorealistic reproductions of high-quality materials, and how the Substance toolset and resources help them to meet this challenge.

Footwear Design using Substance Painter by Hussain Almossawi

Image courtesy of Hussain Almossawi

Hussain Almossawi leaps into a detailed technical breakdown of his creation of a photorealistic sports shoe in 3D. Learn about Hussain’s approach to handling displacement, his creation of stitches, seams, and tags in Substance Painter, his lighting and camera setup, and more.

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