A Year of Substance: Archviz

A look back at the standout Substance in Architecture articles of 2020!

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2020 has seen some remarkable artwork created by the 3D community, some of which we’ve been able to highlight in the Magazine by Substance. To round out the year, we’ve decided to look back at some of our favorite creations of 2020, focusing on the areas of games, films, fashion, and design. We’ll also be revisiting some of the new features in our 3D tools that have been released this year, as well as spotlighting some of the livestreams we’ve been thrilled to present.

For this article, we’ll kick things off by examining our selection for 2020’s Substance highlights in architecture. But also feel free to take a look at the articles focusing on other sectors of activity:

Substance Source Boosts the Archviz Pipeline of Moso Studio

Artwork Courtesy of Moso Studio

Moso Studio in New York principally focuses on architectural visualization projects such as the rejuvenation of the Trinity Church, or the Fifteen Fifty project in San Francisco, creating a package of illustrations for a 40-story high-rise tower. The team at Moso talked with us about their work, and the value that the Substance tools and resources bring to their pipeline.

Substance in Archviz: Tutorial by Kyle Jones

Artwork by Kyle Jones

Archviz enthusiasts were spoiled for choice in early May. First up, Kyle Jones created an archviz-themed tutorial for Substance Academy; he also took the time to talk about his inspirations, his reasons for entering the 3D domain, and to outline the groundwork and tools necessary in the creation of his Substance Academy scene, here in our magazine.

Wessel Huizenga: a Student Journey into Archviz

Artwork by Wessel Huizenga

… And then, just days later, Wessel Huizenga spoke with us to detail his trajectory through architectural visualization – from studying Communication Multimedia Design, through learning the basics, to establishing and presenting a portfolio. He presented some excellent technical advice, as well as providing a wealth of recommendations for professional resources.

Bring the Outside In: Creating a Calm Retreat

Artwork by Daniel Margunato

In June, we learned that work-from-home confinement had proven strangely inspirational for Daniel Margunato. Using Substance Alchemist to create his materials – to coincide with June’s Substance Alchemist release – Daniel found a way to bring a tranquil exterior environment into an interior archviz scene; he gave us a thorough technical breakdown of his work.

Parametric Cities: a 2021 Collection of Materials

And as we entered the last quarter of the year, we released a huge batch of new materials on Substance Source, aimed at allowing architectural visualization experts to parametrically construct entire cities. This article examines the contents of this collection, which includes parametric facades – allowing personalization of elements such as facade materials, lintel designs, number of floors, number of windows per floor – as well as a range of industrial materials including plastic, metal, and ceramic foams, acrylic polymers, and much more.

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