Jan. 25 2022, by the Sampler team
From Real to Digital: Sampler introduces Physical Size
Use physical size, add metadata, and design fabrics with the new cloth weave tool.

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Material creation of The Expanse and Zombieland

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Aug. 20 2020

Procedural material creation for fashion design with Substance

Jul. 16 2020

Substance Alchemist for Archviz & Interior Design (LiveStream)

Jun. 25 2020

Stylized hand Painting of a Korrigan’s house with Substance Painter, by Tangi Bodio

May. 27 2020

Character & Creature texturing in Substance Painter with Magdalena Dadela (#Substancelivestream)

May. 07 2020

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Apr. 23 2020

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Mar. 19 2020

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Jul. 29 2021

Substance 3D Livestream 2021

Nov. 22 2021

Creating your tools and dynamic brushes with Designer

Jan. 18 2022

Substance Designer Craziness with Nicolas Wirrmann

It’s time to welcome Nicolas Wirrmann, a veritable Substance Designer rock star, for a fireside chat about one of his latest creations. Acclaimed by the community for pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable with this tool, our Senior Product Manager will share his techniques for creating a procedural landscape scene entirely with Substance Designer. Nicolas will showcase his inventive approach, and give some tips and tricks on how to obtain such results and details.

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