USD PBR Metal Roughness Preset

It is possible to export an asset from Substance 3D Painter to USD and USDZ file formats. It is compatible for the 3 Operating System platforms: Windows, Linux and MacOS.

This is available via the "Export Textures" panel (from the file menu). Select "File Menu > Export Textures" from the main menu and then "EXPORT" tab, then select "USD PBR Metal Roughness" in "Config":

Five texture files are created and saved (base color, metallic, normal, occlusion and roughness). All these files saved in jpg except the normal map in png to avoid artefacts due to lossy compression.

In addition two other files are created with the extension usdc and usdz:

Here an example of the JadeToad opened directly in MacOS from Finder:

Here an example with the USDZ file sent to an iphone and using the AR mode to place JadeToad and capture the following image: