Sub-Shelf Windows

A sub-shelf is a new window in Substance 3D Painter dedicated to a specific filter.
There is no sub-shelf window by default, only the main shelf window. You can create sub-shelf window from the main shelf from two locations :

  • By right-clicking on a shelf filter and choosing " Create sub-shelf ".
  • By selecting a filter and then using the dedicated button at the top of the shelf window.

Creating a sub-shelf will automatically create a new window and dock it in the interface.

From there, the sub-shelf window can be docked anywhere else or be kept floating on top of the interface.

  • A sub-shelf mostly has the same features as the main shelf window. However the preset list is not available, this means it is not possible to edit/remove/create new search filters from it.
  • Closing a sub-shelf window will require to re-create it.
  • A sub-shelf window is independent from the preset is has been created from.
  • If a shelf preset is removed, the sub-shelf window will continue to exist until closed.