Software conflicts

This page regroups a list of the known issues with other software that may crash or stops the application from starting up.

Software Name Issue
Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware

Anti-virus or anti-spyware software can create some of the following issues:

  • False positive: the application is detected as being a virus (or similar) while it isn't.
  • Blocked files: the application cannot read or write files (export, preset creation, etc) or cannot activate a license.
  • Files deletion: the application cannot start or work normally because necessary files have been removed.

If one of these situations arise, we recommend to try disabling the anti-virus temporarily to see if it helps or manually add exceptions. We ensure that our applications are virus-free. So if the installer has been downloaded from our official website, any warning is very likely a false positive.


Multiple GPU configurations are unsupported by Painter, leading to crash during computations. We recommend to disable this feature.
Autodesk assistant application The Autodesk assistant application can create conflicts and make the application crash at startup or when opening a project file. Update the Autodesk application to resolve the problem.
Alienware / Dell computer See this page for more information: Crash when opening or saving a file.
APFS by Paragon Software

This software may register a location in Windows Path environment variable that may crash the application at startup. Uninstalling the software may not be enough and the environment variable may need to cleaned up manually. Example of problematic location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Paragon Software\APFS for Windows\ï–›éŒ à €è¸€ì‡ì‡ç¿¹


Having an older version of Avecto running can cause slowdowns and crashes. Make sure you update it to the latest version.
Asus GPU Tweak This software produce issues during the compilation of shaders within Substance 3D Painter and prevent it to start. It is recommended to uninstall it.
Asus RAMCache This software may prevent Substance 3D Painter to start properly or even make it unstable while working. We recommend to disable or uninstall it.

Asus Sonic Suite

On some computers with an ASUS Motherboard, a software named Asus Sonic Suite can be installed by default. Uninstalling this software can fix some display/interface issues in Substance 3D Painter.

Cloud Backup Software
( OneDrive, GDrive, Dropbox, Filestream, etc)

Cloud backup software can be the source of numerous crash while saving a project. If that happens, it is recommended to work and save on a project file outside the synced folder by the application and instead copy the project back inside that folder once done.
Chitubox On some computers, this software can create a conflict and crash the application when opening a file dialog (like opening or saving a project). It is recommended to either disable the setting Enable thumbnail preview of desktop model in its preferences or to uninstall it.

Duet Display

The application Duet Display is known to create GPU drivers issues that can impact the behavior of Substance 3D Painter. It is recommended to uninstall it.
Google Chrome Google Chrome can be the source of some crashes when running alongside Substance 3D Painter. It is recommended to update Google Chrome and the GPU drivers to improve the stability of Substance 3D Painter. If crashes still occurs, disable Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome (which will disable the use of the GPU).

Nahimic audio software

On some computers the Nahimic audio software can freeze or crash the application. Stopping it can help, it is also possible to avoid issues by updating it. Nahimic also runs background services that can interfere with the application and may need to be stopped or disabled.

Openshot Video Software

Some software such as Openshot Video Software can create a conflict with Substance 3D Painter with the previews of the shelf. We recommend to update the software to fix the issue.
PyinstallerThis application can produce an incorrect environment setup leading to an error at startup. For more information see Application failed to start because of Qt.

Rptr /

Rptr (or ) which is installed by default with some GPU drivers. This software can create instabilities and crash the application. It is recommended to uninstall it.


This software can create conflicts with the Graphic Tablet drivers, it is recommended to stop the process or uninstall it.