This page list all the keyboard and mouse shortcuts available.

Shortcuts overview

For a quick overview of all the Shortcuts available, take a look at our graphic available in our tutorials .

How to change a shortcut

Click on the "pen" icon next to a shortcut to edit it and enter the new combination.Pressing the last key will automatically exit the edit mode and change the shortcut.

List of editable shortcuts

To reset a shortcut back to its default value simply right-clicking on it.


Shortcut (Windows)

Shortcut (MacOS) Description
Hide UI TabulationTabulationHide all the docks/windows of the interface to maximize the viewport(s).



⌘+ZCancel the last action and go back to the previous state.


⌘+YGo forward in the action list, redoing the action that has just been cancelled.
F9F9Switch the interface to the Painting mode.
Rendering (Iray) F10F10Switch the interface to the Rendering mode.
Open project


⌘+OOpen the file open dialog of the system to load a project.
Close project Ctrl+F4⌘+WClose the currently opened project.
Save project Ctrl+S⌘+SSave the currently opened project.
Save as project

Save the currently opened project under a new name.
New project Ctrl+N⌘+NOpen the new project creation window.
Quit application Alt+F4⌘+QClose the application.

Show/Hide manipulatorQQToggle the display of the manipulator used to control fill layer transforms.
Increase the manipulator size++Make the manipulator bigger in the viewports.
Decrease the manipulator size--Make the manipulator smaller in the viewports.
Cycle through manipulation spacesTTAlternate between Object and World space transformation for the manipulator.
Toggle warp edition modeShift+VShift+VSwitch between the Warp transform and Edit vertices modes when editing a warp projection.
Translate toolWWSet the manipulator mode to translation.
Rotate toolEESet the manipulator mode to rotation.
Scale toolRRSet the manipulator mode to scale.
Surface toolShift+WShift+WSet the manipulator mode to snap on the 3D model surface.
Symmetry LLEnable the symmetry along a given axis.
Pause engine computationShift+EscapeShift+EscapeToggle engine computations.

Select Paint tool 11
Select Paint tool + Particles Ctrl+1⌘+1
Select Eraser tool 22
Select Eraser tool + Particles Ctrl+2⌘+2
Select Projection tool 33
Select Projection tool + Particles Ctrl+3⌘+3
Select Polygon Fill 44
Select Smudge tool 55
Select Clone tool (relative source) 66
Select Clone tool (absolute source) Ctrl+6⌘+6
Bake Mesh MapsCtrl+Shift+B⌘+Shift+BOpen the Baking settings window.
Increase tool size ]]Increase the size of the brush for the painting tool.
Decrease tool size [[Decrease the size of the brush for the painting tool.
Bake Mesh MapsCtrl+Shift+B⌘+Shift+BOpen the Baking settings window.
Invert grayscale tool XXInvert the current grayscale value if the painting tool is on a mask.
Pick stroke material PPEnable the material picker tool.
Lazy Mouse DDEnable the lazy mouse behavior on the current tool.
Hide/ignore excluded geometryAlt+HOption+HHide 3D model parts that were excluded via the Geometry Mask.

Camera Perspective F5F5Change the camera of the viewport to a Perspective view.
Camera Orthographic F6F6Change the camera of the viewport to an Orthographic view.
Display next channel CCSwitch the viewport to the Solo view mode and display the next channel of the current Texture Set.
Display previous channel Shift+CShift+CSwitch the viewport to the Solo view mode and display the previous channel of the current Texture Set.
Display material MMSwitch the viewport display mode to Material.
Display next mesh map BBSwitch the viewport to the Solo view mode and display the next mesh map of the current Texture Set.
Display previous mesh map Shift+BShift+BSwitch the viewport to the Solo view mode and display the previous mesh map of the current Texture Set.
Toggle animation SpaceSpacePause/Unpause animation of the particles if a particle projection is in progress.
Export textures Ctrl+Shift+EShift+⌘+EOpen the export textures window.
Center the whole mesh FFCenter the whole mesh of the current project in the middle of the viewport.
Toggle quick mask edition UUEnter/Exit the quick mask edition.
Clear quick mask YYDisable and clean the quick mask.
Invert quick mask IIInvert the current values of the quick mask.
Viewport layout 3D/2D F1F1Change the viewport display to show both the 3D and 2D view at the same time.
Viewport layout 3D only F2F2Change the viewport display to show only the 3D view.
Viewport layout 2D only F3F3Change the viewport display to show only the 2D view.
Swap 2D / 3D view F4F4Swap between 2D and 3D view in viewport and 2D UV view.
Texture Set isolate


Option+QIsolate the current Texture Set in the viewport by hiding the other.

Use tool / paint Mouse leftMouse left
Draw straight lines Shift+Mouse leftShift+Mouse left
Draw straight lines with snapping Ctrl+Shift+Mouse leftCtrl+Shift+Mouse left
Camera rotate Alt+Mouse leftOption+left
Camera snap rotate Alt+Shift+Mouse leftShift+⌘+Mouse leftSnap camera rotation every 90 degrees angle.
Camera translate Alt+Middle mouseOption+⌘+Mouse left
Camera translate (alternative) Ctrl+Alt+Mouse left

Camera zoom Alt+Mouse rightMouse middle
Stencil rotate S+Mouse leftS+Mouse left
Stencil snap rotate Shift+S+Mouse leftShift+S+Mouse left
Stencil translation S+Middle mouse

Stencil zoom S+Right mouseS+Right mouse
Change tool Size / Hardness Ctrl+Mouse right⌘+Mouse rightChange size by moving horizontally, change hardness of brush by moving vertically.
Change tool Flow / Rotation Ctrl+Mouse left⌘+Mouse leftChange flow of current brush by moving horizontally, change rotation of brush by moving vertically.
Rotate environment Shift+Mouse rightShift+Mouse rightRotate horizontally the environment map used for the lighting in the viewport.
Auto-Focus (Depth of Field)Ctrl+Middle mouse

Texture set selection Ctrl+Alt+Mouse RightOption+⌘+Mouse right
Context menu Mouse rightMouse rightQuick menu to access the properties window inside the viewport.
Set Clone tool source location V+Mouse leftV+Mouse left

Ignore stencil mask NNTemporarily disable the stencil (avoid to remove it entirely).
Resume previous stroke AAAllow to continue the previously created brush stroke to avoid discontinuities.

List of non-Editable shortcuts

Some shortcuts may only work if the mouse is over the specific window.

Example: copy and pasting requires that the mouse is over the layer stack.

Action Shortcut (Windows) Shortcut (MacOS) Description
Copy layer Ctrl+C⌘+CCopy the currently selected layer(s).
Cut layer Ctrl+X⌘+XCut the currently selected layer(s).
Paste layer Ctrl+V⌘+VPaste the layer in memory(s).
Delete layer DeleteDeleteDelete the currently selected layer(s).
Duplicate layer Ctrl+D⌘+DDuplicate the currently selected layer(s).
Group layer Ctrl+G⌘+GPut the currently selected layer(s) into a folder.
Copy layer content Ctrl+Shift+COption+⌘+CCopy the layer content (painting) and its effects.
Paste layer content Ctrl+Shift+VOption+⌘+VPaste the content (painting) and effects currently in memory.
Display mask in viewport Alt+Mouse leftOption+Mouse leftSwitch the viewport display mode to the mask of the specified layer.
Disable/Enable mask Shift+Mouse leftShift+Mouse leftToggle the state of the mask on a layer.

Drag & drop materialCTRL+Drag&Drop⌘+Drag&DropPress and maintain this key while drag and dropping a material (or smart material) into the viewport to only affect a specific part of the 3D model.

Manipulator constraint/snappingShiftShiftSnap transformation when adjusting the manipulator (translation or rotation) in 3D View. Constrain ratio when adjusting manipulator in 2D View.
Manipulator mirror transformationCtrlMirror manipulator points transformation around its pivot point in 2D View.