Project configuration

The project setting window allows to modify a few properties related to the current project, such as the reloading of a new mesh.

3D model path

The File and Select button allows to update the current project's 3D model at any moment. This allows to:

  • Update the 3D model topology
  • Update the UVs
  • Add or Remove Texture Sets

If the materials changed or have been renamed when loading a new 3D model, the previous Texture Sets in the project can become disabled. This can be fixed with the Reassignment Window from the Texture Set List.

Project Settings

This sections control several settings related to the project:

Normal Map Format

Defines the format of the normal map used for the mesh in the viewport.
This parameter only affects the shaders in the viewport and mesh maps in the bakers. The layer stack is independent.

Recommended value for common applications:

  • Unity: OpenGL
  • Unreal Engine: DirectX
  • Maya: OpenGL
  • 3DS Max: DirectX
  • Blender: OpenGL
Compute Tangent Space Per Fragment

Determines how to compute and display normal maps in the viewport for shading and lighting.
If enabled, the tangent and binormals of the mesh will be computed per pixels instead of per vertex.

Recommended value for common applications:

  • Unity: Disabled (Enabled if using HDRP)
  • Unreal Engine: Enabled

Changing the normal format or the tangent computation requires to re-bake the mesh maps to ensure that the look in the viewports is correct.

UV Tiles settings

This section indicates if the current project is using any of the UV Tiles/UDIM texture workflow in the current project. For more information see the UV Tiles documentation.

Import settings

These settings control how the selected mesh will be imported:

Import CamerasIf enabled, cameras present in the mesh file will also be imported and available in the 3D viewport as new point of view.
Preserve strokes positions on meshThis setting controls how brush strokes will be recomputed after importing a new 3D mesh. It is recommended to keep this setting enabled in most cases. For more details see the UV Reprojection documentation.
Auto-UnwrapAutomatic UV Unwrapping. Click on the Option button to configure the process. For more information see the dedicated documentation.

Color management settings

This section controls the settings regarding how to convert colors. For more information see the Color management documentation.