Iray Settings

The Iray settings control the rendering of the IRay viewport, how long it will run and the quality of it.

Iray Information

The top section of the window display the status of Iray alongside other information.


The status indicate how Iray is working :

  • Rendering (Iray is computing the image)
  • Paused (Iray computed stopped but has not finished)
  • Done (Iray computation finished, or reached the settings values)
ResolutionThe resolution of the Iray image (by default dependent of the viewport size).
Scene SizeThe bounding box size of the scene/3D Mesh. There is no unit, but it is assumed to be in centimeters.
IterationsThe number of computation passes done by Iray over the maximum defined in the settings.
Rendering timeTime elapsed doing a render over the maximum time defined in the settings.

The number of iterations will define the final quality of the render : more iterations = better quality.
However iterations can take some time, that why it is possible to define a maximum time. An iteration is defined by the number of samples.


As soon as a setting has been modifier, Iray will start computing the rendering.
It is possible to pause Iray to avoid this behavior with the dedicated button : 

Min SampleMinimum amount of samples performed by pixels
Max SampleMaximum amount of samples performed by pixels
Max TimeThe maximum amount of time allowed for Iray to do its computation.
The dropdown on the right allow to set the unit (seconds, minutes, or hours).
Caustic Sampler EnabledThis option allow to compute more advanced lighting reflections (caustics).
Firefly Filter EnabledThis option allow to get rid of isolated and very bright pixels that can happen sometimes.
Override viewport resolutionThis setting allow to define a custom size for the rendering, instead of using the current viewport size. The Width and Height setting below allow to define it in amount of pixels.
Save RenderAction to export the current render (even if unfinished) to a file.
ShareAllow to share/export the current render to ArtStation.