Importing Photoshop Brush Presets

This page gives a step by step on how to import an ABR file into Substance 3D Painter.

1 - Open the Import Resources window

The Import Resource window can be opened in three different ways:

  • By drag and dropping the ABR file into the Assets window.
  • By choosing File > Import resources in the main menu.
  • By clicking on the Assets window icon.

2 - Load the ABR file into the Import Resources window

If you didn't drag and drop the ABR file into the Assets window to open the import window, it will be empty by default.

To add the ABR file, you can either:

  • Drag and drop the ABR file into the window.
  • Click on the Add resources button to select and load the ABR file.

A warning icon can appear next to the ABR file if there are some issues with it. Such as:

3 - Select the location and import the ABR file

At the bottom of the Import Resources window, choose where to load the ABR file:

  • Project: the ABR file will be load into the currently open project. When the project is closed the brush presets won't be accessible anymore.
  • Session: the ABR file will be loaded into memory. The brush presets will be available until the application is closed.
  • Library: the ABR file will be copied in the Shelf on the disk. Brush presets will be accessible event after a restart of the application or when switching projects.

4 - Find the brush presets in the Shelf

If there were no issues importing the Brush Presets, they will appear in the Assets window.

If a brush preset is based on a bitmap, the image it uses will also be available in Alpha section of the Shelf under the same name as the brush preset.