Image Sequence

Image sequence are a series of images that are grouped as a single resource in the Shelf. Images are grouped together based on a specific pattern in their filenames.

How to import images as a sequence

When importing an image file, if the filename match a specific pattern it will be imported automatically as a sequence. If additional images sit next to the imported file, they will be taken into account as well. It is therefore not necessary to import all the files from a sequence manually, picking the first file is enough.

Filename matching examples:

FilenameMatching Type
  • file_22-223.jpg
  • file_22-2232032.jpg
  • file_22-223PM2032.jpg
  • file_22-223-0032.jpg
  • file_22-223_Rec2020.jpg

Not imported as an image sequence.
  • file_22.1032.jpg
  • file_22-223.1032.jpg
  • file_22-223-1032.jpg
  • file_22-223_1032.jpg
Imported as image sequence. Here the UDIM number "1023" will be isolated.

The filename matching is based on the following regular expression:


How to use image sequences

Image Sequences can be loaded into any resource slot in the interface like any other resource. However in some cases they may require additional settings to be used properly.

In Fill layers (and fill effects), make sure that the projection mode is set to Fill (Match Per UV Tile) to ensure that each image from the sequence is assigned to the right UV Tile in the Texture Set.