Help menu

The help menu regroups various actions from links to the documentation to the about window.

TutorialsLink to official tutorials related to the application.
Release notesLink to the release notes.
DocumentationLink to this documentation.
Shortcut listLink to the shortcuts documentation.
Scripting documentationLink to the local documentation of the several scripting API. For more information see Scripting and development.

ForumsLink to the application forums.
Report a bugOpen the bug report window to send information.
Export logExport the log file, to ask for help with our support.
Give feedbackLink to our feature request platform.

Manage licenseOpen the license manager window.

Welcome screenOpen the welcome screen window.
Check for updatesOpen the update checker window.
AboutOpen the About window which shows the application version, legal notices and other details.
PartnersAbout windows of middleware integrated in the application.