GPU drivers compatibility

This page regroups information about GPU drivers that may lead to issues with Substance 3D Painter.


The table below list all the driver versions know to create issues for Nvidia GPU (GeForce or Quadro models):

Driver version Issue description
425.xx GPU raytracing artifacts.
429.xx or older Black texture block artifacts.
435.xx or older sRGB color issues when computing textures.
439.xx Textures corruption.
441.08 Crash or stability issues.
442.19 Crash or stability issues.


Driver version Issue description
20.7.x to 20.11.2
Textures glitch or corruption.
20.11.3 to 21.2.1

Textures glitch or corruption plus crash or stability issues.

21.2.3 to 21.6.1

Crash or stability issues.