Export Window

Once a project is ready, go to the File menu and choose Export Textures to open the export window. This new window will allow to export the content of a project as image files.

See the bottom of the page for explanations about the potential warnings that Substance 3D Painter may indicate during the export process.

Two tabs are available in this window:

  • Export: Setup for each texture set and export the project as textures
  • Configuration: Setup for export presets. For more information see the dedicated page : Creating export presets

Export path

The default export path for any new project is located in the "Documents" folder.

  • This path can be overridden by clicking on it and specifying a new location.
  • This path is saved per project.
  • The little arrow on the right can be used to reset the path back to the default location.

If the export path is relative to the project, it will be saved as relative, even if the interface still display an absolute path.
- Project: C:/Project/test.spp 
- Export: C:/Project/Export/
- Saved Path:  /Export/

File format & Bit Depth

Substance 3D Painter exports to a wide range of file formats. Currently supported formats are:

  • BMP
  • ICO
  • JPEG
  • JNG
  • PBM
  • PGM
  • PPM
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • WBMP
  • XPM
  • GIF
  • HDR
  • EXR
  • J2K
  • JPEG-2000
  • PFM
  • PSD

Depending of the file format, the bit depth can be changed. A higher bit depth will provide a better quality of texture.
However some applicaiton don't support high bit depth, so a lower value will be required. 

In case of the PSD (Photoshop) file format, each texture set from a project is exported as a single psd file containing the exported textures associated to the texture set.

For Normal textures (Normal channel, baked Normal or converted) and the Height channel, dithering is applied to reduce banding if the information is at a higher bit-depth and saved inside a 8bit image. This is the default behavior, it can be disabled by deactivating "Dithering" next to the bit depth setting.

Export Presets

When exporting from Substance 3D Painter a preset can be chosen to pack and name the output textures in a specific configuration.

For more information see : Export Presets

Padding settings

The common padding settings allow to specify how the outside of the UVs will be filled. This setting is global to all the Texture Sets (unless overridden, see below).

No padding (Passthrough)No information will be generated outside the UV islands, so the result could result in incorrect texturing, memory garbage or remaining pixels after blending operations.
Dilation infiniteDefault setting. Padding is generated until it reaches the borders of the texture.
Dilation + TransparentPadding is generated to a maximum distance defined in pixels (with the slider on the right).
The remaining area will be transparent.
Dilation + Default background colorPadding is generated to a maximum distance defined in pixels (with the slider on the right).
The remaining area will replaced with the default color of the channel.
Dilation + DifusionPadding is generated to a maximum distance defined in pixels (with the slider on the right).
The remaining area will replaced difussion (blurry version of the UV islands).

For more information on how and why padding is necessary, see the dedicated page : Padding

Texture sets and resolution

In the center of the export window you can see the list of texture sets available from the currently opened project.

On the leftm inside the list it is possible to disable the export of a specific texture set by simply unchecking the box next to its name.
It is possible to quickly select/unselect all the texture sets by using the "All" or "None" button.

On the right, a drop down list displays the output size (or resolution) of the textures of the texture set.
It is possible to export at a different size than what the project is currently set, even a higher resolution. The mention "document size" indicates that the output size is identical to what is set in the texture set settings window.

When exporting at higher resolution, Substance 3D Painter will recompute all the brush strokes and operations of the project to export a real texture, and not an upscaled version.
When exporting at a lower resolution Substance 3D Painter performs a downscale with bilinear filtering. 

The experimental 8192 (8K) texture resolution is only available if the current GPU used by Substance 3D Painter has more than 2GB of VRam.
Because of the amount of Ram, VRam and processing power required, this resolution is only available in the export window.

The little arrow on the left of a Texture set name allows to expand the view and display more details :

  • The list of the list show the final textures names generated from the selected Export Preset.
  • On the right it is possible to override the padding settings for this specific Texture Set.

Export of the textures

When ready, hitting the "export" button will start the export process.

During the export processm the following windows is displayed:

The export can be cancelled at any time. A progress bar is displayed with a message indicating which texture map is being processed.

Another pop-up window will appear at the end of the process.
It is possible to cancel the export by hitting the "cancel" button. This will close the window without saving any changes that could have been made to the textures during the saving process.

The "export shaders parameters" checkbox allows to output shader parameters as a Json file. This is useful when working with the Dynamic Material Layering workflow.

 If the export was successful, the following pop-up will appear:

  • The Open folder button will open a new window (depending on the operating system) where the exported textures are located.
  • The OK button will close the export window and will give back the focus to Substance 3D Painter.

If errors appear during the export, see the section below for full details.


Some errors can occurs during the export, depending of the preset used and the texture set configuration.

"Export finished with some warnings (see logs)"

This warning indicates that some channels needed by the export preset were not available in one of the texture sets.
The log window should give full details about which channel, for example:

  • [MapExporter] The input map 'Displacement' needed by the map 'Preset_BaseColor' of the texture set 'Cymourai' isn't available because: 'Displacement' channel is missing in your texture set.

"Error during the export (see logs)"

This warning indicates that none of the textures defined in the selected export preset have been exported because all the required channels are missing from the texture set.
The error in the log should look like this:

  • [MapExporter] None of the required document map are available in the cymourai textureSet. Nothing could have been exported.