Environment variables

This page list environment variables that can be used to override the default behavior of the application.



Value: Direct path to a license file itself.

Allow to override the default location of the license file. Example : if the license file is on H:/allegorithmic/licenses/substance_painter.key, the variable data should be "H:/allegorithmic/licenses/substance_painter.key".

Use SUBSTANCE_PAINTER_2_LICENSE instead for version earlier than 3.x (2017.x).


Value: 7200

Specify how long in seconds before releasing a license seat in case of a multi-user configuration. Default is 2 hours (7200s).


Value : 0 or 1 (1 = Disable update check)

Allows to skip update check when the application starts.

Supported since version 4.2.2 (2018.2.2).


Value: 0 or 1 (1 = Enabled)

Use the Sparse feature on the GPU. If not supported by the GPU or the Operating System the setting will be ignored.
For compatible hardware configurations refer to the documentation : Sparse Virtual Textures

This variable override the parameter available in the Settings window.

Supported since version 4.3 (2018.3).


Value: Direct path to a folder

Defines where Substance Painter should write its temporary files (including the SVT cache).

This variable override the parameter available in the Settings window.

Supported since version 4.3 (2018.3).


Value: 500

Defines the amount of memory (Ram) that the application can use to load and temporary store previews from the Assets window. When the limit of the budget is reached old previews are unloaded. This value only controls the display of previews in the Assets window.

The value is defined in megabytes. Default value is 500MB.

Supported since version 7.2.

SUBSTANCE_PAINTER_PLUGINS_PATHLocation of additional Python plugins.

Additional Python modules to load with the Python integration of the application. For more information see Loading external Python modules.