Creating Custom Dynamic Strokes

In order to create custom Dynamic Strokes, two options are available:

  • Using an existing Substance resource to create a new brush/tool preset
  • Create a new Substance resource from scratch (requires Substance 3D Designer ).

It is also recommended to read the Dynamic Stroke Performances before creating custom Substance files to avoid any culprits.

Reusing existing resource

Creating new Dynamic Strokes from scratch can be difficult. Using existing resources, tweaking them, and then saving them as new presets can be a good enough starting point.

Find compatible resources in the Shelf that may fit your needs, then check out our page about Presets.

Creating custom Substance files for Dynamic Strokes

Below is a list of the supported parameters for Dynamic Strokes in Substance graphs.

Variable IdentifierDescription
Random Seed If a Substance file is cooked with the Random Seed exposed, it will be controllable with the Dynamic Stroke feature.


Will be fed by Substance 3D Painter when painting the brush stroke. The min and max value have no effect, Substance 3D Painter will ignore them.


Integer1 (Optional)

Substance 3D Painter will read the parameter default, min and max value to expose the Stamp Cycle Count parameter. This parameter controls how many unique Substance variations will be created.



Will be fed by Substance 3D Painter when painting the brush stroke based on the elapsed painting time (per stroke).