Baking refer to the action of transferring mesh based information into textures. These information are then read by shaders and/or substance filters to perform advanced effects. Smart Materials and Smart Masks rely on them for example.

To learn more about baking take a look at the Baking Documentation.

The baking window can be accessed via the Texture Set Settings. Click on the button named "Bake Mesh Maps" to open the baking window of the current project.


The baking window is divided into three main components.

Baker List

At the top left of the window are available several buttons.

Next to those button is a checkbox, if it is checked it will enable this baking for the baking process. The buttons that have an icon next to their names indicates the ones that need an high-poly mesh. This icon display a warning if there are now high-poly available.

CommonChange the parameters view to the Common Parameters.

Change the parameters view to the Normal Parameters.

World Space NormalChange the parameters view to the World Space Normal Parameters.
IDChange the parameters view to the Color Parameters.
Ambient OcclusionChange the parameters view to the Ambient Occlusion Parameters.
CurvatureChange the parameters view to the Curvature Parameters.
PositionChange the parameters view to the Position Parameters.
ThicknessChange the parameters view to the Thickness Parameters.


This part of the window displays the various baking settings. Its content can change depending of the currently selected baker or common parameters.

To learn more about the baker settings see the Baker Settings.

Help Message

This part of the window shows the various tooltips and help message related to the settings. Move the mouse over a setting to read its tooltip here.