The Asset window allows you to access the default resources that come with the application (referred to as Starter assets), as well as any imported resources (which can be then found under Your assets).

  • On disk, the Starter assets library is stored within the application's installation folder, whereas assets imported to Your assets library by default are located in the Documents folder.
  • For more information on where your assets are stored on disk, see Adding content on the hard drive.
  • It is also possible to add a different library location. For that, please take a look at Adding a new library.

Assets window overview

  1. Breadcrumbs
  2. Search field
  3. Materials
  4. Smart Materials
  5. Smart Masks
  6. Filters
  7. Brushes
  8. Alphas
  9. Textures
  10. Environment maps
  11. Asset thumbnail size
  12. Saved searches
  13. Filter by path
  14. Reset all queries
  15. Open a new sub-library tab
  16. Import resources