Set Size Limit

This option sets the maximum resolution of substances used in Substance Player.

By default this option is set to 2048. You should change it if you wish to export bitmaps in 4096.

EngineMaximum Possible Resolution

Cooking Options

Substance Player allows you to load .sbs file created with Substance Designer. In this case, .sbs files need to be cooked into .sbsar files.

The Cooking Options menu lets you set the options to use for the cooking:

  • Dynamic Output Size: allows to change the resolution as a parameter
  • Dynamic Pixel Size: allows to change the pixel size as a parameter
  • Dynamic Random Seed: allows to randomize the substance

Locate Substance Designer

This allows you to set a path for Substance Designer, allowing the 2 software to communicate together. This is very useful when you want to test in Substance Player the texture you are creating in Substance Designer.

Set Aliases

Aliases are used to shorten system paths and allow teams to share assets more efficiently. Aliases are used throughout the software as well as in SBS files

This settings allows you to add and edit aliases. When an alias is applied, it replaces the mapped path using the following syntax: <alias>://.

Example: if a resource myResource in the folder myFolder is placed at the location C:/Users/user/Documents, then mapping this location to myalias will result in the myalias://myFolder/myResource path being used in the application and the SBS package the resource belongs to.

Default: sd-3dview-shapes; sd-3dview-maps; sd-3dview-shaders (Default project)

We recommend not nesting aliases – i.e. aliasing a path which is also included in another alias.

Set Tangent Space Plugin

By default, Substance Player uses the MikkT tangent space in the 3D View. MikkT is widely used and is the default in programs such as Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Blender and xNormal.

You can use your own tangent space for the 3D View, which you provide to Substance Player in the form of a DLL file input in this setting.

Default: mikktspace.dll

Switch Engine

This menu lets you chose which Substance Engine to use.

GPU engines (DirectX9, DirectX10, OpenGL) are faster than CPU engine (SSE2) and allow you to work up to 4096 in you change the Size Limit.

In most of substance compatible product the SSE2 engine is used (Unity, 3ds Max, MODO, Maya, UE3/UDK)