Version 1.1.0

Release notes


(Released November 24, 2021)
Summary : Brings enhancements such as GPU render layers, making automatic UV generation optional on import, improved tool options UI, and more.


Render layers for GPU

The most important part of Stager is getting your amazing render and our multi-layered PSD output makes it easy to jump straight to Photoshop to do post editing.  This was previously only available on CPU,  but now works with the GPU renderer as well.

Automatic UV generation preference

You can now import models without UVs.  Previously Stager would always run automatic UV generation.  Skipping this process can save a lot of time when doing quick renders for in-progress testing or simple renders like a clay material with nice lighting.  You can still manually run automatic UV generation in the object menu.  You can manage this setting in the preferences to always ask, always skip, or always generate UVs.

Physical light orientation

Lighting is a huge part of scene design and we've made it just a little easier.  When you drag a physical light into the scene it will now orient to the surface it's pointed at.  This makes a much more natural lighting workflow and saves a few clicks for most 'default' lighting orientations, putting you in a better position to edit the lighting.

Marquee Select tool

The new marquee select tool is perfect for working in large scenes.  It allows you to start a marquee box selection in the viewport and selects any object within the region.  The select tool can be used to click and drag on objects to push them.  Both tools work side by side so you can move or select objects with ease.

The default shortcut for the marquee select tool is Q.

The default shortcut for transform space has changed from Q to T.

Hierarchy navigation shortcuts

Keeping scenes organized usually means using grouped objects to create heirarchy and structure.  However, this can make finding parts complicated.  We've introduced some new shortcuts to help you navigate your scene easier.

Select parent: Default shortcut [

Select child: Default shortcut ]


  • [Rendering] Rendering PSD format with GPU will now produce render layers.
  • [Rendering] Laptops with Windows NVIDIA GPUs will now have improved automatic detection for using GPU raytracing.
  • [Rendering] Improved the visualization of area lights in the real time rendering engine. They are now more accurately displayed as areas and should be closer to the raytraced engine result.
  • [Import] Generating automatic UV is now optional when importing a model, instead of always on. You can manage this in the preferences.
  • [UI] Common transformation tool options (transform space, snapping, and collision toggles) are now available on the viewport control bar for easier access.
  • [UI] The viewport control bar has been slightly rearranged to account for the tool options being added.
  • [UI] The render settings panel has been switched to a popover to account for the placement on the viewport control bar.
  • [Collision] Turning collision on for an object will now automatically activate it for the scene in the tool options as well.
  • [Collision] You can now enable collision for objects using the scene panel badge when the scene wide tool option is disabled.
  • [Selection] Added a new marquee select tool which allows you to create marquee box selections in the viewport. The default shortcut is Q.
  • [Selection] Scene hierarchy navigation shortcuts: You can now select parents and children via shortcut, making it easier to navigate complex scene hierarchies in the viewport. The default shortcuts are [ and ] to step up and down the hierarchy.
  • [Selection] You can now use Shift+Cmd (Mac) or Shift+Ctrl (Win) to do additive selection while using the transform tools. Holding shift alone will continue to inverse selections.
  • [Lights] Physical lights will now orient to the surface they are aimed at when adding a light.
  • [Lights] Physical lights are now included in the frame selection action.
  • [Assets] Two new pedestal models in the starter assets for showcasing characters, props, and other assets.
  • [Assets] Two new materials in the starter assets for environmental design.


  • [Selection] The shortcut to toggle transform space has changed from Q to T. Q is now used for the marquee select tool.


  • [Crash] Resolved a crash that could happen when loading a Stager file due to incorrectly reading camera data.
  • [Crash] Resolved a crash that could happen when adding background images.
  • [Materials] Resolved an issue where some materials could not be transformed (rotation, offset, tiling).
  • [Images] Resolved an issue where the "edit" button failed to launch other applications (Photoshop/Illustrator) for editing images.