Version 1.0.2

Release notes


(Released September 28, 2021)
Summary : M1 support, general enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Apple ARM (M1) support for emulation mode.
  • Added planar translation handles to the Select tool.
  • Added uniform scale handle to the Scale tool.
  • Changed the Windows header bar. It takes less vertical space and properly gets recolored for dark theme UI.
  • Improved decimal input: When typing into any input field the value will now be remembered up to 6 decimal places, providing more precision in saving and reading input values.
  • Selection changes no longer trigger a raytracing redraw, causing less viewport flashing.
  • Transformation guides now only appear after moving, instead of on selection, causing less viewport flashing.
  • Updated the Meet Mat model in the Starter Assets. It is now the same model as other Substance 3D apps.
  • The "Browse 3D assets" button now opens Creative Cloud Desktop if available. Requires Creative Cloud Desktop version 5.6 or newer.


  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused CAD import to not work correctly for customers with the Substance 3D Collection Enterprise plan.
  • Fixed a number of bugs with GLTF import and export.
  • Removed two environment stages for content issues.