Stager on Steam

Adobe Substance 3D Stager is available through both Creative Cloud and Steam.  The Steam version has some differences, which are covered here.

Note: Steam must be running for the Steam version of Stager to run.

Substance 3D Stager Steam availability

Licensing for Substance 3D Stager via Steam is a perpetual license, which can be used as long as Steam and the technology the app is built on continues to function.  It does not require a monthly subscription, an Adobe ID, or access to Creative Cloud plans.

Substance applications are released each year as a new application package, which requires a new purchase between yearly releases.  Each version will get updates for one year from release.

Disabled features in the Steam version

The Creative Cloud version of Stager has some features and functions that rely on services that are not available with the Steam licensing and platform.  This table covers a list of the features and services that are disabled in Steam.

Feature nameReason disabled
Creative Cloud LibrariesRelies on Adobe ID and Creative Cloud storage and services.
Publish to WebRelies on Creative Cloud storage and services to publish and host the assets.
Edit In (Ps/Ai)Relies on an internal messaging service to automatically launch apps.
Receiving assets from other Substance apps via "Send to Stager"Relies on an internal messaging service to automatically launch apps.
Send to AeroRelies on Creative Cloud storage.
Help Menu > Manage My AccountThe CC Apps include a menu item to manage the Adobe account.  This is disabled in the Steam builds.  Steam account management is handled through the Steam launcher app or website.
Welcome & What's New panelsReference many features that are only available as part of the Creative Cloud plans and services.
Feature Set restricted featuresAny features or services that are restricted to Creative Cloud Teams or Enterprise editions.