Publish scenes to the web

Adobe Susbtance 3D Stager makes it easy to share your 3D scenes in many ways, including publishing them to the web as an interactive viewable experience.

To publish a scene from Stager:

  1. Use Share > Publish 3D scene 
  2. Select a name for your published scene
  3. Use the create public link action
  4. Copy the link and share for others to view your scene on the web


Sending your link to others means that they’ll be able to use the Creative Cloud Files platform to comment on your designs.  Viewers can sign in with an Adobe ID to leave comments and receive notifications about responses or can leave comments under a guest name.

To manage your published scenes use the in-app link in the share menu “Manage Published 3D Scenes” or visit Creative Cloud Files on the web and visit the “Published” tab to find your published scenes.