In Adobe Substance 3D Stager, you can work with different types of objects like models, lights, and cameras. Each object type has unique behaviors and properties.

Standard modelA 3D form built with points and edges, created in other applications then imported to Stager.
Parametric modelA 3D form that is generated and can be edited in stager with parameters.  Created in Adobe Substance 3D Designer.
3D textA type of parametric model created with Stager's text and extrusion engines.
ShapesA type of parametric model created with Stager's shape tools.
GroupAn organizational helper object with no visual representation.
MaterialApplied to surface objects like models and text to change the appearance of the object. 
CameraUsed to capture views of the scene - simulates a physical camera lens and settings.
EnvironmentAn object that represents the infinite space around the 3D scene used to edit the ground plane and image based lighting.
Physical lightAn object that emits light into the scene and can be placed in 3D space.