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(Released July 27, 2021)
Summary : Bug fixes


  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused CAD import to not work correctly for customers with the Substance 3D Collection Enterprise plan.
  • Fixed a number of bugs with GLTF import and export.
  • Removed two environment stages for content issues.


(Released June 23, 2021)
Summary : Initial app release


  • Adobe Mercury Rendering Engine
  • Advanced physically based material system (ASM)
  • Layout tools
  • Lighting system
  • Image compositing
  • Camera system
  • Substance 3D software interoperability

Known Issues:

  • Stager is not available on Apple Silicone M1 devices.
  • GPU rendering is available on Windows only and requires an NVIDIA card. (See system requirements)
  • PSD Render layers and denoising are available for CPU rendering only. GPU support is planned.
  • Stager may crash when importing some Substance materials. We are investigating this crash.
  • The scale handles on the Select tool gizmo occasionally disappear. Restarting the app will fix this.
  • The Creative Cloud Libraries panel will sometimes fail to refresh. Use the menu and select Reload to reload the panel.