What is a Substance 3D File?

A Substance 3D file is a dynamic texture(s) generator, that can be used directly in many applications.

It is dynamic because contrary to a classic bitmap file, the creator of a Substance 3D file can choose to expose parameters in order to give control of the final result that will be generated.

For example, it is possible to change the amount of dust on an object, or the color of a soccer team jersey. Your talent and your imagination are the only limits to what you can do.

A Substance material can be published, then used in external application that integrate the Substance 3D Engine (such as Unity or Unreal Engine).

Substance 3D materials can be 100% procedural, therefore their output size will be very light.

Example of brick wall material made by Käy Vriend.
Parameters can be changed to dynamically control the material's appearance.