What is a function ?

Functions in Substance 3D Designer allows the user to generate results using the logic you would otherwise find in a programming language.

But rather than using lines of codes, functions in Designer keeps the same nodal approach. At first sight, a function graph looks really similar to a regular graph.

You can encounter functions in 2 main cases:

  • to control the result of a parameter 
  • if you edit a pixel processor

Control the result of a parameter

In Substance 3D Designer, any parameter can be controlled by a function.

Therefore you can imagine rules and dependencies between parts of your graph, to obtain unique results.

For example you can decide that the opacity of a blend node will be half of the intensity of a warp node :

In fact, you may already have created functions without being aware of it:

if you have exposed a parameter, you have automatically created a function,and a variable: the function contains a get float node that catches the value of the newly created variable: