Warnings in Substance compositing graphs

This page lists warnings and errors messages which may be triggered by Substance compositing graphs in Substance 3D Designer, and offers common troubleshooting steps for each.

Warnings are displayed in the warning icon's tooltip for the graph resource in the Explorer panel, as well as in the bottom left corner of the Graph view if the graph is loaded.

(error) No output node defined

The graph does not have an Output node.

(tick) Solution

Add one or more Output nodes to the graph, and connect the output of the last node in a stream to it.

The graph templates available through the New Substance graph dialog have preset Output nodes ready to be used.

(error) The [x] parameter's function has some warnings

The function graph applied to the specified parameter of the specified node has at least one warning.
The node parameter is specified between square brackets after the node label, following the template Node[Parameter].

E.g. Uniform Color[Output Color], Pixel Processor[Per Pixel Function] 

(tick) Solution

Locate the node emitting the warning by its label and warning badge in the Graph view, then select it to display its properties in the Properties panel. Find the parameter emitting the warning and open its function by clicking the Edit function button.

Then, assess the warning(s) listed in the bottom left corner of the Graph view and solve the issues. You may refer to the Warnings in function graphs page for troubleshooting warnings reported in function graphs.

(error) The referenced data has some warnings

The resource referenced by a node has one or more warnings. Here are some nodes referencing a resource:

(tick) Solution

In the Explorer panel, find the referenced resource and troubleshoot all warnings raised by the resource:

(error) Reference resource not found

The resource referenced by a node was not found at the path saved in the Substance 3D file (SBS). Here are some nodes referencing a resource:

(tick) Solution

For graph instance nodes

Check that the source graph exists in the package located at the path saved in their  Package attribute.
If it does not, delete the instance node and replace it with an instance node referencing a valid package. Alternatively, you may recreate the package and graph referenced by the instance node, then reload the host package by clicking RMB on it in the Explorer panel and selecting the Reload option in the contextual menu.

For BitmapSVG or Text nodes

Find the referenced resources in the Explorer panel and check they exist at the location saved in their  File Path attribute.
If they do not, click RMB on the resource item in the Explorer and select the Relocate... option in the contextual menu to set a new valid target file for that resource.

(error) Text node uses invalid font

Text node references a font which cannot be loaded or parsed correctly.

(tick) Solution

Select the Text node and make a note of the value of its Font property. Find the source file for that font on your system and make sure it is healthy, e.g. by using it in another application such as a text editor. Replace the font by a healthy font file as necessary, or switch the Text node to another font.