Vector Warp

Vector Warp (Grayscale)

In: Filters/Effects



Vector warp is an advanced distortion effect, similar to Warp and Directional Warp, with the main difference being that it is driven by a (color) vector bitmap rather than a grayscale map. This means it is more powerful and versatile than its atomic node cousins.

The Vector Map is similar to a Normalmap, but it does not need to be normalised and only the R and Green (X and Y) channel are used. Blue and Alpha channels can be left black if you want. Constructing a good Vector Map can be the biggest challenge in using this node; you can either convert grayscale maps to Normal, or construct the map by combining channels with RGBA Merge. Alternatively, something like a "Flow Map" is also useable.

This node can be useful when you want to do very specific distortions with varying directions, where standard Warp nodes don't cut it.



  • InputColor Input 
    Map to distort.
  • Vector MapColor Input 
    Distortion driver map. Color channels Red and Blue are used.


  • Intensity0.0 - 1.0
    Intensity multiplier for the Vector Map.
  • Vector FormatDirectX, OpenGL
    Swaps the Green channel between Up and Down interpretation.

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