Transformation 2D

In: Atomic Nodes



The Transformation 2D node allows to scale, rotate, tile and change proportions of an input.

It is quite similar to Transforming (Ctrl-T) in Photoshop, or using the 2D mapping manipulator in Substance 3D Painter.

This is an extremely useful and widely applied node, it allows for increasing tiling, removing tiling, placing an image in a specific position, stretching or squashing an input, etc.

It can however not be a perfect match for certain applications, so the following nodes can be of interest: Safe Transform, Non-Square Transform, Quad Transform and Trapezoid Transform.

Transform 2D Settings

There are a few things to keep in mind when working with Transform 2D:

  • To disable tiling you have to set the Tiling Mode to "Absolute", and then "No Tiling" in the Base Parameters Tab of the node (marked in yellow):
  • The settings for scaling and rotation are not absolute, and do not relate to the 2D view directly. If you type in an Angle or Stretch value, you must Apply it, and can then not easily reset it. Best way to wipe the Rotation and Stretch settings is to reset it to default.


  • Transformation Matrix:
    Allows you to change rotation and scaling. Can also be adjusted through the gizmo in the 2D view. Warning: they do not directly correlate to the view, and are relative adjustments that can be applied in steps.
  • Offset:
    Allows you to change the position or offset Can also be adjusted through the gizmo in the 2D view. Does relate directly to the 2D view output.
  • Mipmap Mode: Automatic, Manual
    Allows you to switch to a manual mipmapping mode.
  • Mipmap Level: 0-10
    Only works when Mipmap Mode is set to Manual. Allows for a mipmap bias, adds a cheap downsizing operation into the transform.
  • Matte Color:
    Sets the color used when the transformed input does not cover an area of the output. Can be made transparent if working in RGBA color.
  • Filtering: Linear, Nearest
    Sets the downsampling method used. Does not work particularly well with Mipmap Level being reduced.