In: Atomic Nodes


Since SD 6.0+


The Text node provides a way to place-user created text in your graphs. Users can also select settings like Font, Alignment and rotation to customize the text placement.

The Text node is very powerful and the only way to easily place text. It can be a bit tricky to use due to placement always happening on a limited, square canvas, and fonts being driven by a system-defined external list.

Only Truetype (.ttf) and certain Opentype fonts are supported. If any fonts are missing from the list, this is probably the reason. Fonts can not be exposed as a parameter.

When a Graph using Text is published to sbsar, the font is embedded into the package, just like with bitmaps and other resources, to ensure it works across all systems and applications.


  • Color Mode: Color/Grayscale
    Set what output type the node creates.
  • Text:
    User-typeable text field.
  • Font:
    Choose what font to render the in.
  • Font Size:
    Set the font body size. Keep in mind Transformation can also affect the final size.
  • Alignment: Left, Center, Right
    Set text alignemnt
  • Transformation:
    Transform the text: scaling and rotation can be modified here. Also affected by gizmo in 2D view.
  • Position:
    Transform the text: Positioning can be modified here. Also affected by gizmo in 2D view.
  • Background:
    Sets the default background color where no text is placed. Can be made transparent through the Alpha slider if the output is a color.
  • Font Color:
    Color to render the text with.