Symmetry Slice

Symmetry Slice

In: Filters/Transforms



Complex Symmetry/mirroring operation node. Allows for a large variety of geometric operations with full control, but requires some experimenting.

Compared to Mirror and Symmetry, this node has many more options.


  • Symmetry Mode0 - 6
    Choose symmetry geometry/mirror line. Options are Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal Left-Right, Diagonal Right-Left, Vertical Invert, Corner and Diagonal Corner.
  • Transfer Mode0 - 6
    Blend mode. Options are:
  • Blend0.0 - 1.0
    Blends the original image back into the result.
  • Flip SideFalse/True
    Flips origin, meaning the origin side of the operation is reversed. Left to right symmetry for example becomes right to left.
  • Flip Side2False/True
    Only used when Symmetry Mode is 5 or 6. Flip corner origin.

Example Images