Subdivision plane

In: Substance Model graph/Creation



The Subdivision plane node generates a SubD plane and outputs it in a Scene. The shape and subdivision level of the mesh is adjustable. A SubD plane is one the basic building blocks for working with SubD meshes in your Substance Models.


  • Basis

    • Basis Scene
      The Scene holding the reference Basis to be used
    • Basis mode Integer
      The arrangement of the axis in the reference Basis
  • Scene parameters

  • Number of divisions in X Integer
    The number of subdivisions to be applied in the X-axis
  • Number of divisions in Z Integer
    The number of subdivisions to be applied in the Z-axis
  • Local origin Vector3
    The local position of the origin of the mesh – i.e. the centre of the plane
  • Size of the plane Vector2
    The width and length of the plane, expressed as a Vector2
  • Subd shape

    • Infinitely sharp Boolean
      Adjusts the subdivision number automatically so that hard angles are infinitely sharp – they remain perfectly sharp regardless of the scale
    • Triangle budget Integer
      Applies additional subdivisions automatically, in increments, so the mesh fits this triangle budget value. No additional subdivisions will be applied if the number of subdivisions in X/Z already exceeds the budget.
      Note: This parameter is only visible if the Infinitely sharp parameter is set to False

Example Images