Slow 3D View/graph rendering

Discrete GPU is not used


Substance 3D Designer does not use the system's discrete GPU (dGPU), and uses the integrated GPU (iGPU) instead. This results in low performance when rendering graphs and/or the 3D View.

Recommended steps

Systems with switchable graphics can force the dGPU which should be used for a specific application in dedicated software, depending on the GPU manufacturer.

For instance, users with an Nvidia dGPU can do the following:

  • Close Substance 3D Designer
  • Open the Nvidia Control Panel
  • Go to the Manage 3D settings screen in the 3D Settings section
  • Look for the Substance 3D Designer entry in the Program Settings tab
  • Select High-performance NVIDIA processor in the preferred GPU combo box
  • Start Substance 3D Designer